Thursday, April 29, 2010


Last few weeks have been quiet, busy, hectic, and restful at the same time.

Amaey has started his intense maintenance phase. We have to take him in every Monday. he gets a lab draw and based on his counts things proceed. Last week was round 1 and he got Vincristine, Peg and 7 days of oral pills of Dexamethasone. Sometimes I feel like we trade one monster for the other. This whole week if you see Amaey it is like you are watching a ghost. He is so tired, moody, and sad.

Luckily next week he only has Vincristine. It is the Dexa that drives him crazy. It is a steroid and chemo.

I finally got to catch-up on work. So much had piled up that I did not know where to begin. So many fires to fend with the students. I'm also re-writing a class and those deadlines had piled up too. 2 weeks of just sitting and working has helped. I'm finally caught up.

Arjun has had some really busy weeks too. He had state testing, Science Fair due, Social Studies paper, swim meet, and tabla concerts. I suddenly went full throttle on his life and I feel a bit caught up with him too.
We had a scare with Arjun, his urologist saw his routine ultrasound and wanted some more tests. He had to undergo a procedure on the 15th. We were really scared of the outcome. On the 27th he had another test and then we got to meet with his Urologist. Long story short, all is fine. He was born with one weak kidney and the doctor thought that the kidney was failing and we might have to remove it. We know that at some point in his life we might have to do this but as a team we were hoping that wasn't going to happen at this stage of his life. Luckily she saw no extra damage.

All I can say is- No one knows what the future can bring. Put your energy into now.

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