Monday, January 30, 2012


Today as I walked out of the gym I heard some wailing sound, I couldn't understand what it was and as I got closer to it I realized that a woman was crying unconsolably and the man with her was trying to help her through it.

As I was walking past her I slowly started praying to let her grieve and free herself of whatever was causing the pain.

The gym is one crazy place... if you are going through an emotional rollercoaster then you don't need a shrink, just go take a yoga class and you will end up crying once you are done. I might get through the entire class and just as we have to do our last pose of resting peacefully with your eyes close it will all come up and before I know I'm crying. I just stay there and cry and thentake a deep breath say my namaste and then roll up my mat and leave. Suddenly I have a big smile on my face. I don't understand these feelings and I really don't need to analyze them so I just let them be.

Last week when I went completely out of control with my feelings I realized that it is really important to let go of ones feelings once in a while. Let the floodgates open and cry as much as you want and can... you can't cry forever. Once you are done, you do feel lighter. 


davina said...

Thank you for writing. I thank you a thousand times over for writing. Many times I hold myself back from telling you what your message mean to me because I feel that they are sacred and you are not necessarily writing for the comments or for anyone in particular but yourself. Today I have to write you a comment. Although you are not writing to me - you speak to me in so many ways.

Today was one of those days for Gabriel where you don't know where the emotions come from. I shared what you wrote with him and I know that it helped.

I left your house a little while ago with the Kids and Art notebook with Amaey's self portrait on the cover. I had suggested to Gabriel many times before to write to Amaey and share his feelings but he was never able to. When I handed him the notebook, the emotions poured out. He opened the cover and wrote "I miss you" and sat for a long time staring at the journal and caressing his face. He then sat and wrote and wrote and wrote for a good long time. When he finished he placed the notebook in a special spot and then told me that Amaey was reading it and of course "correcting him" :)

I know that he felt better and lighter.
He got into bed and then remembered that he didn't tell Amaey about x, y and z. "I'll tell him tomorrow." he said. I know that he felt at peace.

thank you Purvi,

Anonymous said...


I think you have summoned up by saying that let the floodgates open up and cry. Unfortunately we cannot keep on crying for ever. But as I have always said that crying really help.I also that you should think about starting to write. I know this is something a very individual thing. Because it helps one does not mean it helps every one else but....try.

Love, Bhavna