Monday, April 02, 2012

Arjun's school

Arjun's school is celebrating culture week and today was India/pak/Persian day. They had lots of events from Bollywood dancing to dandia for all the teachers to dressing all the faculty. In the afternoon they had henna and rangoli and more fun and at pick-up they had a fashion show. I haven't felt like participating in things but I do. I was looking at what to wear and picked something understated... And Amaey came to my mind. He told me once that he thought that I was always well dressed and knew how to dress for an occasion. He was right to some extent, even if we were going to the hospital I would make sure I did my best to make a fun event of it. I never made our hospital visits and long stays into a boring, unfortunate outing. It was something we had to do and we were going to do it in style.

On that note I went to my closet and decided I was going to dress for the catwalk. I took outfits for Arjun and his friends and it turned out to be a really nice event. I wasn't sad that Amaey wasn't there but I felt like he was walking with me when I walked down the red carpet with Arjun.

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