Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 25

I kept hoping that if i do not acknowledge that the date has arrived, that it is 11 months today, it will just pass.... 

I was taking a reiki class today and I asked the teacher, if the soul moves on and takes home in another form, then how is it that we can feel him with us, see him in different places and in different ways? He said, that the consciousness is always there. That never leaves us. That consciousness touches us in many different ways.

When I talked with the grandmaster she said, why are you despairing, don't cry because he came here to cleanse his soul and your family got to help him move to his next life form. Your duty was to serve him, take care of him and then it was time for him to leave.

Yes we understand all of that but it is so hard to fill the huge hole that we constantly feel. Davina was over and she said that she felt Amaey's presence really strong in the house and I couldn't help but agree. This is Amaey's house, he used every inch of it with lots of love. He has poured so many memories in each wall, each corner, each sofa, each bed, each closet. You cannot be in the house without feeling his warmth.

We pray for his next journey to be beautiful and we hope that it is just what he wants to make out of it.

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