Monday, February 22, 2010

At El Camino

We had a really wonderful and much needed week off.
Arjun had the Presidents week off from school and Amaey was home feeling himself. It was really restful and peaceful.
Over the weekend we went to Napa to celebrate Pratish's b'day and to toast to Aditi's move to NYC. I did not realize that we took a day off like this after almost 4 months. It was so refreshing.

Sunday was another wonderful day. We went to Draeger's in San Mateo to meet the author of 'The Cancer Fighting Kitchen', Rebecca Katz . I had to meet the person that created such a tremendous book that can make Amaey eat Kale and Swiss chard. Amaey and Arjun helped her cook Quinoa at the event. We got to try lots of gluten free foods and I got to meet some more alternative healers. All in all it was a fun outing for the 3 of us.

Today we drove to El Camino after getting Amaey's labs drawn at LPCH. He was good to go so they have started his second-last Methotrexate. Usually this is an uneventful stay and we hope it stays that way.

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