Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A scare

We did get to go home from the hospital on Monday evening. Amaey looked ready to go. He was slow but he was fever and pain free for 24hrs so that was good.

Tuesday morning Amaey was slow. He woke up had some milk and went back to sleep and finally at 11am he rolled out of bed. He looked happy and hungry. He was craving pancakes. So the two of us ate a pancakes and eggs lunch and at around 12:30 the two of us started looking for recipes on food network.
Suddenly Amaey complains of a stomach pain and feels like throwing up. We rush to the bathroom and right in front of my eyes, he just sways and loosens up and faints. I tried to hold him but he was so limp that he slipped from my hand and fell on the floor. I picked him up and moved him to the sofa, he was sweating. He gained consciousness and asked for a blanket. He was really low. So I called the hospital and they called us in right away.
I drove like a maniac. Funny thing was, when I put him in the car and started driving, he was fine like nothing really happened. He was reading and alert. It was so freaky.

I put him in a wheelchair and rushed him to the clinic. They were so prompt. They wheeled us in a room and accessed him and took his blood and hooked him to the monitor all within 15 minutes.

Long story short, after an EKG and lots of other doctor tests around 6pm they told us that everything looked good. They said he had something called the vasovagal response. He had a stomach cramp, his blood pressure went down and that caused the dizziness and fainting spell.

We were so glad that was all it was. He is slow and resting today. He is borderline neutropenic, which is expected after his chemo. But he is his witty, comic self.

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