Tuesday, February 09, 2010


It's Tuesday, same status quo. He seems to get a fever infrequently so we do not know if something is going to grow in his cultures. But until he has a fever and he is neutropenic we are here. He does have a little energy so he went to the playroom for an hour. I will see how he does after all that excitement.

He took a long nap after coming back from the playroom. We decided that I will stay tonight so that Apurva can work with Arjun on his finals revision. Apurva has taken the day off tomorrow so I will go home and work and pick-up Arjun from school.

Today was one of those days you know will happen but are glad it hasn't. The cleaning lady locked the house real well before she left and Arjun and Vicky could not get in the house after school(Vicky only had the one lock key and not the deadbolt etc etc). I asked them to go to the library so that Arjun could finish his homework. Apurva went home early and picked-up Arjun from the library and went home. Oh Well...

Just checked Amaey's temperature and unfortunately he has spiked one again Arg!! which means 48 more hours over hear.

We are zen.... we will get through this.

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