Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Love and remembrance

Yesterday we spent the day remembering ammu.

We took lunch to his friend Gabriel's class. The class of 2013, he might have been in that class. It was really wonderful seeing all the kids. What was most touching was the maturity and warmth of the kids. Whoever had been with him in various classes since Kindergarten, remembered him and made a point to let us know when they were with him. One child was truly amazing, he told me that he understood my pain and how I felt because he recently lost his uncle who he was very close to.
Gabriel helped us set-up and stayed with us the entire time. He did not go out and play instead he chatted with Arjun while they were waiting for the kids to show up.

In the afternoon we went to Skylawn. Yes there was a hawk there. A lone hawk flying around the overlook. We stayed there for a little while and left after the hawk had flown away. Pratish and didi were with us too.

The evening was warm and touching. A fire glowing and everyone settled down around it. David shared some words from The Dalai Lama on life after death. We opened it out for friends to share stories about Amaey and then we started our kirtan. Sugandhi started off with amazing grace how sweet the sound... Raj sang a few chants and at some point, yes I did feel the breeze, there was a rustling sound and I had to take my shawl off that I was wearing because I got very hot. I did not realize these chain of events until this morning when I mentioned them to Apurva.

You were there... with us. I know.

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