Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 3 in the hospital

Day 1 goes fast because we check-in and we are fresh. He can still move around since he is not hooked up with an ivy right away. For the first 6 hours he just gets hydration and after that is over they start his chemo.

Day 2 is relatively fun. Chemo is still going through the body. It hasn't suppressed his appetite just yet. The Wii is rolled into the room, there are TV shows to catch-up on. Games to play.

Day 3, is another story. He starts asking to go home. When are we leaving. What are we doing today. I have done everything. I'm bored. He is getting a bit stir crazy. He also slows down by day 3. The chemo has made it's way through the entire body, his appetite is diminishing.

Well, we had a fun time today- 
- Amaey finished up Kumon first so that he could play the entire day
- Rita picked-up Arjun from school and came over with her kids and yummy lunch
- Sid, Arjun, and Amaey played Wii for a while after eating lunch. It was hard for them to leave
- Arjun made some wonderful creations with Legos
- After all that excitement a nap was overdue. 
- We played perfection and got greedy and beat the timer by playing for 30sec and 20 sec instead of 60 sec 

It was a fun day after all.

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