Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hospital week

This is Amaey's hospital week. 
This is the first hospital stay where we do not have any family back-up. My sister flew in for the first stay. My parents flew-in for the next 3 stays. This week Arjun is in camp only until noon so I was scrambling to find a way to balance Arjun's life while running to the hospital to admit Amaey and get him started on his chemo.

We were trying to prepone his hospital stay so that he is free on his b'day which is next week. Thus the last minute scramble of events.

So far the hospital stay is smooth. Amaey and I made bookmarks yesterday. Today we will do some foam art. And play blokus and math go fish. I'm trying to find 2 art activities to intersperse with his Wii, TV, kumon, and computer time.  

This time around he is at a different hospital a little farther south so his friends cannot come and visit him either. However today we have a surprise planned for him. After I pick-up Arjun from camp we will go to CPK and get Amaey his favorite food and take it to the hospital. We will all eat at the hospital and Arjun will get to spend time with Amaey which should be fun.

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