Friday, January 29, 2010

2nd last Cyterabine

We started pre-meds on Wednesday and checked-in to the hospital on Thursday for Amaey's ARC and Peg chemo. Technically we should be home by Saturday but so far that has never happened.

This time around they are continuing his pre-meds round the clock which means he is very sleepy because of ivy benadryl. However, he still went to the playroom yesterday and this afternoon. He is doing well. They just started the 3rd round of the chemo and the last round will be at 5am tomorrow. Around 10am he should get his Peg and then go home by 1pm.

We have a Kids & Art event at my house this Saturday. We have a wonderful artist working with 6 adults. This is art therapy for parents of kids with cancer. We plan to do similar art therapy events every month.

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