Thursday, January 07, 2010


We got to go home late last night and that was quite a surprise. The last two Methotrexate stays, Amaey has made it home in 3 days and that is really great. This time around the hospital stay was relatively painless.

I picked up a book at the hospital called The Memory Keeper's Daughter. it was an amazing read. I could not keep it down. I finished it by the time Amaey was back home. I highly recommend it but bear in mind it is an emotional book.

Amaey did like his healing tea. I don't know if there is a relation but since we have started making this special food for Amaey he has been able to release the chemo from his body much faster. I think all this food interacts with the body and helps dilute the chemo faster. This only works with the Methotrexate stays unfortunately I have not found a magic solution for his painful ARC stay.

I cannot believe it... we only have 3 more hospital stays and then Amaey's intensification phase is done.

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