Monday, October 26, 2009

Amaey is home

We got the green light to bring Amaey home today. His counts are up. Ofcourse if you see him today you couldn't tell that this kid went through so much suffering. Kids are just amazing. I do not know how they do this. 
Arjun does not have fever either so it was really nice to come back home and have a happy healthy family to be with.
I must say that we haven't quite figured the coming back home day very well. We somehow have the energy while we are in the hospital but when we come home Apurva and I suddenly feel so tired and then we have Arjun who wants all the attention because he hasn't seen the family in a while and Amaey wants to be the king of the house because he is the one coming home and by the end of the day we just feel so incapable of managing everyones expectations.
Well, I can't think right now but this back home day definitely needs a little fine tuning.

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