Saturday, October 24, 2009

Family and Friends

We know that everyone is concerned about Amaey and our family. Lot of friends and family have called to ask how they can help. We just want to say that we are touched by your love and support. Right now we have my parents so support, food and Arjun are taken care off. Other than that there is not much to do. Apurva or I prefer to be by Amaey's side when he is in the hospital. If he is not in the isolation room as he is this time, we love to have friends stop by. Amaey likes company too.

Once my parents leave we will reach out for help. Until then just send good positive thoughts our way. Amaey is a special child and he has a lot to offer to this world. We want to see him grow up and put this all behind him. 

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