Saturday, October 24, 2009

Guess who ate today

I went home last night to find a really slow Arjun. He had been waiting for me and fell asleep on the sofa in the living room. He seemed warm to me at night so when he woke up in the morning I took his temperature and sure enough he had fever. Poor baby was feeling really sick today. I stayed with him the whole day. His fever kept coming and going. He has been quite a trooper and he ate some dinner before I left for the hospital.
While at the hospital Amaey's fever had not returned so at least that was a relief.
Apurva is home with Arjun now and Amaey and I are in the hospital watching Looney Tunes. Amaey had a food request so I made him corn soup and cheese quesedilla and apple cider bread. It was wonderful to watch him enjoy his meal.

We are still waiting on Amaey's culture but we do know that his flu swab and chest xray were negative. He is still neutropenic so they will not let us go home until his numbers come up to a safe place. Right now with Arjun sick we would rather have Amaey in the hospital so that both get to recover and not catch each others germs.
That's All Folks!

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