Monday, October 26, 2009

Home School

We have decided to home school Amaey until the end of winter. The H1N1 is rampant and his immunity is going to be compromised with this intense round of treatment. We haven't ironed out all the details yet but as a first step we have talked with the school district so we will take one step at a time. 
When we told Amaey about our decision he had 1 condition, provided we give him 2 playdates a week with his best buddies.
So now I will add, amaey's social planner, in my job title as well.
I don't think we can avoid germs and life from happening around him but we can definitely limit the exposure and help him stay healthy through the worst months of the season.

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renata said...

we are so glad to hear amaey is back home! as soon as we are absolutely clear from all germs that have been trying to literally bugs us, we'll make a quick stop with some snacks during recess to say hi... :)