Saturday, October 24, 2009

No fever

Apurva is in the hospital with Amaey today. Amaey picked up the phone and talked with me. Wow, he sounded much better. Apurva said he ate a little which is wonderful compared to yesterday. He did not get a fever last night and we hope that it stays that way.
He is getting 3 kinds of antibiotics and to be safe they are also giving him flu medication. One of the antibiotics gave him an allergy so he also gets benadryl.

When I took him in on Thursday he was so weak. He did not move for the entire day and slept the whole of Friday. I could not motivate him to move, smile or do anything. It was really sad to watch him feel so bad. That is not Amaey, he will always make an effort but when he is so low it means he cannot take it anymore. Finally around 7pm I did force him to watch Project Runway with me and then he asked to change to his favorite Food Network. Slyly my plan worked and I was happy to get him out of his funk. When I left the hospital he was eating his banana and dhokla that Ba had sent for him from home. 

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