Friday, October 23, 2009

Amaey in the hospital

I had stopped contributing to the blog because, a) I felt tired writing 
about what we are going through b) things are as per protocol 
c) life is just plain busy. However, I have a lot of friends calling and 
emailing and then family all around the world wonder about him.

The last 2 weeks have been particularly hard for him. He started 
his delayed intensification on Oct 12. The 3 days in the hospital 
with chemo completely knocked him down this time. He had high 
fever the entire time and came home with it as well. After a few 
days of rest he was feeling better yet not his best. On 19th we went 
in for his routine blood test and later that day they told us Amaey 
was neutropenic and needed a transfusion. So on 20th I took him 
for that. He usually perks up after a transfusion but this time around 
he did not. He was still dragging his feet around the house and not 
really eating anything. On 22nd he threw up in the shower, I got 
worried so I emailed his doctors. I wanted them to take a look at 
him when i brought him in for his routine blood test.

They decided to admit him based on the symptoms. He had a high 
fever too so now he is in for at least 3 days. They are trying to rule 
out the flu or H1N1 or any other infections. I have never seen Amaey 
so sad and that really breaks my heart. He is such an upbeat child, 
looks at the positive side and takes everything in his stride. Right now 
he is being pumped with so much more medication. I don't know how 
a little body can take all this toxicity. 
I believe in silver lining but I really do not see one with all of this pain 
and suffering.

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