Friday, December 11, 2009

5 more days

Yup the verdict is 5 more days or a rise in his levels.
We are bummed, feeling claustrophobic at the moment in this room. I get to go home and take a break and come back again, Amaey doesn't. I can totally understand how he feels. All he keeps saying is he wants Arjun.
This morning he was picking a fight with me and I said Amaey I think the two of us need a break from each other and he said yes I need Arjun to fight with. I thought that was so cute. He loves his brother but if someone asks him about his brother all he says is, he is always mean to me and fights with me... while Amaey instigates most of that.

Now all we can hope is that his WBC goes up and we can go home.

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