Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saturday night

Amaey was homesick in the afternoon (2.5 out of 5 days are down). He was glump and did not feel like doing anything. He had to finish up his homework, maybe that made him feel more bored.

So I took his homework away and brought a sand art project for him to do. He was not cooperating at first. He found it boring and it did not really look that cool. When I peeled the first layer of paper off and asked Amaey to pour all the sand and spread it and mess it up he sat upright. Now we were talking.

The first layer was dark blue and it was half of the design so it really looked very impressive. He was so happy to see the design transform in front of his eyes that he wanted more. Little by little we peeled each an every layers off and when he filled in the white clouds last he was beaming (he picked his own colors).

He wanted to go out and show it to the nurses. So we took his pole and I dressed up in my gown and shoe coverings (we are in the stem cell unit so anytime an adult steps out of the room they need to wear the protective garb) and walked to the nurse station. H was so happy showing his design off and then he started floor skating in his socks. He danced up and down the long corridor but the tubing wouldn't let him go to far. So finally he got tired and we went back in the room.

They have free on demand movies for families and we picked Fly me to the moon. We had dinner and watched the movie. (we always do dinner and movie on Saturdays at home so we had to follow the tradition. Around 10:30 the nurse came to unhook him from the ivy just for couple of hours. Oh Boy! you should have seen Amaey, I'm FREE!!! He jumped out of his bed and ran outside the room. Now there was no stopping the dance monster. All the other nurses had heard about his performance earlier so they all gathered up and Amaey gave quite a performance. Then we walked outside the stem cell area and danced all the corridors and finally settled near the family lounge and played with a contraption. I do not know what it is called but it was cool. We played for a long time and finally went back to our room since Amaey was tired.

He was so happy when he was falling asleep. The party animal is still sleeping.

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