Thursday, December 10, 2009

Borderline neutropenic ughhhh

Today has been a really busy day for us.
As per protocol he was supposed to be discharged after getting his last chemo at noon so after watching him for couple of hours we would have gone home.
But they really want to watch him overnight. Give him his last pre-meds cocktail at 6pm, see how his body would react once he has no medicines inside him and if a fever does not spike, get a chest x-ray, start his blood transfusion and then discharge us.

Once Amaey heard the doctor say that he will have to stay tonight he completely broke down. He cried so much that I suddenly realized that we have had it really easy up until now. If it weren't for his attitude, his smile, his will to keep going we would have gone insane by now. If Amaey had taken his treatment the way he has over the past three days we would have been completely unbearable people to be around. If we are calm and composed it is all because of Amaey. If we can breath and not be at each others throats it is because of Amaey.

This hospital stay has driven him off the wall. It was too soon. He was in the hospital just last week and now he was supposed to be here for 3 days but it might be longer. He just spiked a fever again and we were hoping he wouldn't. If his ANC is 500 or below then he is officially neutropenic which means they will start him on antibiotics which means we are here for 3 more days ugghhh.

I don't know how I will handle him. Usually I can but this time around with the steroids and benadryl creating havoc in his brain I can't reason with him, I can't entertain him, I can't even entice him to watch Bobby Flay on Food Network. I wish they allowed kids to visit him. Seeing Arjun would really help him at this point.

One thing at a time. I'm going to pray hard that he does not spike another fever tonight and he is not neutropenic... then we will get to go home. IF not at least the meds will have worn out of his system and he will smile and see the brighter side of life.

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