Saturday, December 12, 2009

Arjun paid a visit

On Friday night we did our usual parental/child swap.

Apurva brought Arjun over and since Amaey was not in isolation anymore he got to go out to the entrance and see his brother. They were so cute.

Amaey has been asking for Arjun for many days now, however now that Arjun was there all he wanted was to get away from his hugs.

I know when I drove home with Arjun he was truly happy to have seen Amaey. On Saturday morning when I went to do the swap again Arjun was in the car with me and he said, ma when Amaey goes to the hospital I like it for a few days because I get to be by myself but when he has to stay for so many days I start missing him. I loved that honesty. I truly envied his honesty.

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