Saturday, December 19, 2009

Back in

When I took Amaey for his CBC on Thursday we found out that he was neutropenic. So we started taking all the precautions. I did let him go to his science and piano class just because they had 3 to 4 kids max in the class. Also, these are 2 things Amaey literally looks forward to. It's almost like taking food away from him if he cannot attend them.

Now I wish I hadn't taken him anywhere because I had to bring him into ER this afternoon because he had a fever.

They moved us from ER back to 1 North and in our old room. Amaey is back on broad spectrum antibiotics. The good thing is that his WBC is up from 100 to 500. If his cultures are negative and if his fever doesn't spike high we will go home before christmas otherwise we will be celebrating the holidays in here. Oh Joy!

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