Tuesday, December 08, 2009

In the hospital

On Friday we went in for blood test. Amaey's platelets were low but were on the rise from earlier in the week so they asked us to come in on Monday for another set of CBC and chemistry and possible pre-medication for admission on Tuesday. So on Monday we went to the clinic for Amaey's bloodwork. Everything looked good. His ANC was up at 1400. Based on that they decided to move forward with his chemo on Tuesday. This time around the plan is to pre-medicate him with a cocktail of drugs. We started the pre-medication on Monday at noon.

On Tuesday they called us at 11 to inform us that they have a bed and we should check-in (sounds like a hotel huh). We got there around 12:45pm. Amaey wanted me to make his lunch and dinner so it took me a little while to get packed and ready to go.
Once we got to the hospital and checked us in they told us that they will not start his chemo until 6pm i.e. after 1 more dose of pre-medication. So Amaey and I went to the playroom and had some fun until 4pm. We came down to the room and around 4:30 Mrs G came over. Amaey was really happy to see her. He was a little looney at this point because of all the benadryl he had taken.

He wanted me to pick-up dinner from CPK so I left the tutor and pupil and went to the Stanford mall to pick-up his mac and cheese.
After his tutoring we had dinner and watched several episodes of chopped and you think you can dance and called it a night.

Around 8am on Wednesday he spiked a fever of 102. This time around they were more prepared. The nurse took his blood culture right away and gave him tylenol. When I left the hospital at 11am his fever was subsiding and he was happily playing on Apurva's computer.
Throughout the day I have been checking in and his fever seems to subside with tylenol and comes right back in 4 hours. So far it is all under control. Our hope is that it stays this way. From his last blood test this morning it was determined that his ANC is low but not neutropenic and his hemoglobin is coming down so I have a feeling that they will transfuse him tonight or first thing tomorrow morning.

I sincerely hope the night goes well and without any major changes.

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