Sunday, September 04, 2011

Coach Apurva

Apurva starts work on Tuesday and I'm dreading it in many ways. He is so on top of everything at the hospital and at home, I feel so less pressure because of that. He has become a half doctor, an amazing cook he alwasy was, and a coach helping Amaey with his food and drinking. He works so patiently with him and I feel I will slack once he is back at work. He is single minded and when he has a task at hand he can single mindedly focus on it until he has completed the task. Right now his task is to get Amaey to drink more so that they can wean him off the ivy TPN. He has done an amazing job and surely the TPN has been lowered and he gets to be free for 4 hrs in the afternoon.
One of the days that Amaey was feeling better he tells Apurva, Pa you were right, drinking some milk and eating is helping my nausea. I could see Apurva beaming when he told me the story.

Hopefully Amaey will see the benefits of eating and drinking and not fight me much otherwise I will have to put on the coach hat too and I do not like that at all. 

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