Wednesday, September 07, 2011

What a day!

I'm so tired that I can't write about the day because the thought of everything that kept happening is making me tired again.
When I got here Amaey wasn't his usual, I want to get in the bath, person. He just stayed in bed slightly itchy. I finally made him get up so that he could be up and awake for the doc rounds. A long oat shower, I thought, might soothe and relieve him but not really. He was quite itchy even after the shower. An oil massage did not help either. He wanted to be stripped of clothes and get back in bed with his shorts and a light bed sheet. He was very itchy by now, I tried rubbing his back and followed his itch, put some calendula too.

When the docs came he was really flared up. He did not feel like getting ou of his bed. He finally settled after his 2pm benadryl.

Amaey had to stay hungry incase he got a slot for his endoscopy however they did not have space so they confirmed for sept 7. However the derm people were planning to do his skin biopsy today. Amaey had a bad memory from his previous derm biopsy. Since it was urgent at that time they did not sedate him and he got stitches and he felt it all. So I was sure not to put him through that without sedation.

At 2:30 they told us that the derm folks and will come and do the procedure in his room at 5:30-6:00. Amaey could not eat or drink and refused to get out of bed. At 5:30 3 nurses, derm doctor, BMT doc, and a hospitalist show up.

They sedate him and when they are ready to inject the numbing med in his skin. I'm standing by him and he squeezes my hand really tight. That tells me it must really hurt. But what comes next completely takes me by surprise, the doc brings a devise that looks like a pumpkin carving took, something you would use when you want to make a perfect circle and remove the pulp out of the fruit... Right in front of my eyes he pushes it inside his skin and takes out a perfect circle from his body, blood starts oozing out, I cannot believe my eyes, he is so fast and good though that before any blood is lost he already stitches him up. Oh my god! You got to be kidding me... The thought that Amaey had to go through this twice without pain killer or sedation kills me, the fact that Apurva had to watch him and must have had to hold him tight and tell him to be brave, really kills me.

Procedure done, everyone except one nurse stays behind to monitor him since he had his procedures and loopy drugs. He sure was loopy and suddenly very very itchy. Apparently he had a reaction to one of the loopy drugs. GREAT!! This is at 6:30pm and he is going crazy until 10pm. They give him multiple drugs to help him and he does get a little relief around midnight but nowhere near to calm him down. I ask for the hospitalist and she calls the doctor and they finally listen to our request of stopping vanco and they move him to another drug.
After several rounds of ice packs on his body and more benadryl and adavan and no more vanco he settles around midnight, or maybe he was exhausted. He doesn't sleep though, not a deep sleep, I know because he was rustling and moving the entire night. I fell asleep at a point but when I suddenly woke up to check on him he sure was squirming around, however the itchiness had finally moved down to a level 2 from level 10.

Nights over, it's a new day and he is due for his endoscopy today. Will we know the cause of his fevers? Still a question looming at large.


Mary Claire said...

OMG! So many tears for little Amaey...why does he have to endure this?! I am praying praying they find the answer!!!

Mona said...

Pui, it was very difficult to read this. We are praying he feels better soon. Do tell Amaey we are thinking about him.

Fingers crossed they will be able to give you some answers soon. You are doing fantastically don't forget that.