Thursday, September 08, 2011

Sept 8

Maureen stoped by in the morning and that was really nice. We chatted about kids school and different things, Amaey was itchy but participated and that felt nice. For a change we were not just talking about him or obsessing over him, I think he liked that too.
The docs stopped by and felt that Amaey was looking better. No fevers yet so we are all crossing fingers, toes etc and hoping that it won't come back. No results yet, they think something should show up to tomorrow.

Amaey did resume taking in some fluids and sat by the window, watched his Scooby-Doo, ate some corn, took a walk... He has promised to playbhis piano and go for 2 more walks before the end of the day. He is napping right now, for the first time I'm not hearing any rustling in those sheets, looks like the sleep has taken over the itchy bitchy monster.

In the afternoon he had a visitor he hasn't seen in a very long time, Antonio from school and Patricia stopped by. Amaey stayed in bed for most of it but got alert and started interacting and showing him his nerf gun and Lego universe and chatting about things. When Antonio was leaving Amaey took his walk to the main door of the unit. I had a great time catching up with patricia too. It was really wonderful of them to stop by.
I had such a treat, two friends in one day to chat with. BUT wait there is more, Kaki is in town and she called me after work and stopped by in the evening. It was so wonderful to see her. I really miss her. What was wonderful was to see Amaey laugh out loud, he was so happy, participating in all the conversations, listening to kaki's stories about kaka and the twins... It was warm and amazing.

Contrast from the other day, a beautiful contrast.

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