Thursday, September 08, 2011

Day 44

Amaey's day started with the itch and we acted fast and brought him benadrly, it helped calm him a bit. When the docs came to see him we were talking about GVHD and fungal infections. Test results are not back yet so we will just have to wait.
After I left, Apurva said the day was relatively better, no fevers! The itch was there but it was tolerable. He had his endoscopy at 1:30 and he did well. The photos the GI docs shared of his upper and lower gut looked pretty clean but we will get more detailed info once their biopsy is back. Arjun and I went back with dinner and Amaey had been resting and reading his book.... Lego universe was being initiated so that when brother arrives they can play...

Wow that felt nice to see a Amaey with his book.

He started getting tired and restless and after we left he slept. Apurva said he had a good night and fever free.

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