Monday, November 02, 2009


Amaey had his IT today (Intrathecal). He has to fast for it and take a bath with anti-bacterial soap. He is given anesthesia for this procedure. They take him to the operating room and put the sleeping medicine in a tube which comes out of a mask. He usually likes to count something while he falls asleep. He starts planning what he will do in the procedure room while we are driving to the hospital. He will also plan the flavor of his sleeping medicine.
Will it be bubble gum or strawberry. Hmmm how about grape today.
Today he couldn't decide between atoms and planets. So finally he did say the planets. By the time he said his 5th planet he was fast asleep and then they asked me to leave the room.
After an hour when he was in the recovery room they called me. He was still fast asleep when I went to him. The minute he heard my voice he jumped and tried to get up but he was still very drowsy from the medicine. 
It was 12:30pm and he was really hungry by then. All he could think of was to get out of there and get home to his leftover chinese food. Which is exactly what we did.

He was really tired after e got home and took a long nap. He was quite refreshed after and has had a wonderful day.

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