Saturday, May 14, 2011


As we embark on a more holistic approach to Amaey's relapse we are learning about many supplements. One that stands out most is called Curcumin, it is derived from Turmeric.

There is some fascinating research done on this-


sheila said...

Purvi, Yes, Turmeric is a powerful spice! I've been using it for years, on chicken mostly. You can get it in supplement form too, but make sure it's organic for Amaey. Suzanne Somers talks a lot about using turmeric too, in her books. I love the use of spices and herbs for natural healing! I believe that there's a natural cure for every human ailment somewhere in nature.

Purvi Shah said...

Sheila, Dr. Aggarwal talks about curcumin which is in turmeric. The turmeric that we use in all our Indian food is considered slightly diluted. He recommends a capsule of pure turmeric or curcumin. Raj had sent me a link for pure turmeric-

They say that Alziemers is not common in India because people use turmeric a lot in their food.