Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We got to come home last night.
Amaey's counts are still low and he will need transfusions soon but he does not have a fever so they wanted him to be home rather than in the hospital and catch something there.

We were more then happy to leave. We were told to sit tight for a month so this came as a huge surprise. Today has been wonderful. Just so nice to see Amaey happy in his own house. Sitting and reading on the sofa, spending hours on the kitchen table with his comics and nursing his food. Playing his piano, watching TV, chatting with everyone on the phone, fighting with his brother over everything, doing normal things that one wouldn't think too much about but we know that they are very precious.

Tomorrow he has to go to the clinic for labs and check-up. They want to see him 3 times in the week.

My brother was talking with Amaey over the phone and after his conversation he said we all have to learn something from him, he sounds like nothing has happened, he is so content and happy, in his place we would have curled up in bed and wallowed in our misery. Being a child is so very precious they have a narrow vision of their world nothing else really matters. It is truly beautiful.

When I went to pick-up Arjun from school his first question was, where is Amaey? When I said that he was at home I could see the big smile on his face that was so pure that for a second I felt that everything will be alright.

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