Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 30

Today is a better day. It looks bright and sunny outside, I will wake Amaey up so that he can have his breakfast and then make the most of the sun. We will go by the fountain and do a project and wait for Apurva and Arjun.

Apurva and Arjun brought a wonderful lunch and we sat outside by the fountain and ate beans on toast, salad, chips. Now Amaey is tired so he is reading in his bed. Arjun is doing his homework with Apurva and then we will change guards, Apurva will stay and I will leave to go home with Arjun.

In the evening, Arjun and I walked down to Davina's  house. I am trying to take a walk with Arjun after I come home from the hospital. I have all these expectations that we will talk, and he will tell me what is going on in his life and I will feel like I can catch-up with him but I now understand that he is growing up. He likes to talk at his pace and in his own way. Just because I'm home and now I'm focusing on him does not really mean he looks at it that way too. I was so frustrated after our last walk and I got really upset at him for not wanting to talk. Yesterday I decided to not ask him anything, instead I just started doing my fast paced walk and challenged him to keep up with me. He was playing on his iTouch so he kept slowing down and I kept getting ahead of him, and then he would run and catch-up. We did that all the way back to the house and when we got home he said he had a good time. 

I felt so good. I guess, for him going for a walk does not mean he has the need to talk. All he wants to do or is looking forward to is to be with me. Maybe that is enough. I should learn to take his cue and be happy with that. 


renata said...

can you add a "like" button? i really miss it on days you post things like this... :)

ali said...

I like this posting so much...

Purvi Shah said...

Thanks you two. There is so much to learn in life and our kids are our best teachers.
Hope you two are well.