Monday, May 02, 2011

Some hard news

Amaey has relapsed yet again. They call this a chemo induced relapse. His original diagnosis was for ALL but now his relapse is for AML.

The journey ahead is going to be a really hard one. He will have to undergo a marrow transplant too.

He is doing fine and that is a good sign. We are doing fine for the moment too. Arjun is really upset and we have asked the hospital counselor to be involved with him.

There will be lot more hospital stays with this treatment upto 30 days at a stretch sometimes so he will have to stop his school and activities again. We have decided to involve Arjun lot more because he is the only kid that will be allowed in his room at the hospital. 

They consider this a 9 mth to 1 yr long treatment. We don't have more details yet. 

Today they did an EKG  and tomorrow he has to undergo another bone marrow procedure and a cardiogram to check all his baseline levels before starting treatment again.

I just wish there was a hole we could hide in. Take him away somewhere so that none of this really matters. What if we don't go ahead with this treatment? What if we just act like this never happened? 

Amaey has so much to offer to the world, a young scientist, an inventor, a chef... these are his dreams and aspirations. We pray and hope that he can fulfill them someday. We pray that he will come out of this ready to take on the world.

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Mona Shah said...


Amaey is a fighter and so are you guys. Our positive vibes are with you all. Please stay positive. Love you loads.