Monday, May 30, 2011


I was making tea in the hospital kitchen and said hello to a dad who was warming up something in the microwave. We exchanged greetings and he told me that they have been in here for 4.5months at a stretch. My heart just sank. Their 17 year old son was diagnosed with AML but they can't find a donor match because his wife is asian. His wife has not left the hospital at all.

Being a parent is a challenge but putting parents up to this kind of a test is not fair. Science is amazing that we can do something called a bone marrow transplant. Can you imagine what it must have been before BMT? We are all at the mercy of these good samaritan donors, if it weren't for them... I can't really imagine the situation.

I just pray that some new scientific advances are made. Sometimes science can cause miracles and that is what we all need at times like these... miracles.

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