Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Amaey had a good couple days.

He seems to be himself, accepting, listening, questioning, and contributing.
Tomorrow we meet with the transplant team and get the lay of what is ahead. This is first of many meetings we will have. Tomorrows meeting is focused on the search for donors and how we go about it.

Tonight is day 5 of his chemo. This is the last dose for his 1st induction phase. Now they watch out for side effects like mouth ulcers and watch his kidney and liver function very closely.

If he is stable they might let him go home for a few days. They are always worried about kids staying here too long and then catching something here. If they do let us go it will be on very strict terms of isolation within the house and coming in to clinic every other day. We don't know when or if this will really happen.

Amaey got to chat with one of his buddy's over skype and his other friend briefly stopped by. He was so happy for that. The pain and trauma from the initial news seems to have worn off him and he seems happier.

My sister-in-law left today. She was great moral support for us. Just knowing that she was looking over his protocol and being a sounding board was enough.

Arjun has been coming and spending time too. They built legos and played PS3 games in the room. One of their cousins dropped off their PS3 at the hospital and that has been a life save for Amaey.

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