Friday, May 13, 2011


We have to take Amaey to the hospital on M-W-F so that they can check his levels and labs. I took him on Wednesday and they needed to do a platelet transfusion and today Apurva took him in. He needed a blood transfusion but otherwise his numbers are stable, they are low but stable and that is good.

We had a nutritionist stop by and she cooked some very healthy meals for us. She is trained under Rebecca Katz and I really like her book Cancer fighting Kitchen.

My parents are visiting just for fun but seems to be here at the most crucial time for us. However they will be leaving on the 19th. We haven't really sat down and charted out a plan for summer yet. We were planning to travel this summer so we did not sign Arjun for any camps. Apurva and I have decided to keep it that way, we think it will be great for us to spend time together even if we are in the hospital sibling is allowed so that should work out.

Apurva has taken time off work right now and just goes in when he can. My teaching semester ends in 2 weeks so I will be completely free too.

Amaey is making me an avid Star Wars 3 player on the PS3. Whenever he wants to get more studs he asks me to play... he is really proud of me, he told Arjun that I haven't died in the game and in fact I win lots of studs. Brownie points for mom!

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