Thursday, June 02, 2011


My sister arrived last night from Florida. It was so nice to see her. She has always been the one to remember birthdays, first one to send you a card, first one to call on your anniversary. A great cook. A warm person. She was always like a mom to me when I was growing up. She got married when I was 8yrs old but I spent all my summers at her house. When she had kids, I would take care of them over summer.
She was the one that put make-up on me and dressed me up for all my school plays and dances.

I just feel so relaxed that she is here. Amaey was so happy to see her at the hospital today. When she was leaving he didn't really want her to go. And I know at home Arjun and Apurva are getting spoilt too. She is just such a giving person and she does it all so quietly, I was always amazed by her when I was growing up.

Both the boys got to spend a lot of time with her in Florida when we went for her daughters wedding. They got to see all my siblings. All 6 of us got to be there and connect. So glad Amaey could attend the wedding, meet family, go to Disneyland, visit the new Harry Potter land.

Right now Amaey is being a total techie geek. He is is on skype with Christopher and they are playing Lego Universe together. It's really cute, he is propped up on his bed and lost in his world.

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