Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Amaey in ICU

The fever didn't let down yesterday. Once it reached 105.4 the nurse was worried. His heart rate jumped to 148-150. They hooked him up to all the machines and kept a constant eye on him. Suddenly he started shivering.
That is when the nurse came in to tell me that they would like to move Amaey to LPCH and an ambulance was on it's way. I was really mad. When the doctor called me from LPCH to get consent I yelled at him, why did you send us to El Camino if you could not handle such emergencies. He had a fever last time too...

It took 2 hours for the transport to come to us. Those 2 hours felt really long because Amaey kept going in and out of deep drowsiness. Different doctors kept coming in to make sure he was still sane and wasn't in some state of shock due to the high fevers and chills.
Finally around 12:15 the crew walked in, asked lots of questions about Amaey's current state, past history etc. As they were talking with me outside the room Apurva walked in. I could see the shock on his face to see all this fuss outside Amaey's room. They put him on their stretcher and I insisted to stay in the ambulance with him and Apurva brought all the luggage and drove to LPCH on his own.

We took few pictures in the ambulance, Amaey wanted to know what the drivers seat looked like, we couldn't get a good shot but we tried. They were trying to constantly chat with him I wasn't sure why but I think they wanted to make sure he was aware of what was going on. I think that was their way of keeping an eye on his condition. At some point, while Amaey was talking about science and all his favorite things in life we noticed that he was having a hard time breathing and couldn't talk without feeling tired, they decided to give him an oxygen mask. Luckily the nurse had warned me of all of this so I wasn't panicking. On our final lap towards the hospital they decided that Amaey needed to be in ICU instead of the Oncology unit. His breathing was getting erratic and his cough was sounding wet, they were worried that the extra fluid they were giving him might have caused a pulmonary edema. They did not want to take any chances if there was fluid in his lungs.

At this point I was in De-Ja-Vu mode. Thanksgiving, a glass ICU room, doctors, fellows, nurses, coming in the room and going out, Beeps everywhere, Amaey is listless and completely quiet. Doctor after doctor examining him and talking with us. Information is exchanged between everyone and finally Dr Wei shows up, looking 4 years older and then I realize it is all happening all over again. Yes we were given masks to wear as well. I made my statement I had been waiting to make as soon as I saw Dr Wei and Jen Moon, I HATE THANKSGIVING. I absolutely hate it. I wish I could skip that week and erase it out of our calendar for life.

Around 3:30pm after Amaey was given several antibiotics, a chest xray and tylenol, his heart rate came down from 167 to 140 and his temperature was around 103. I crashed on his bed.
I woke up to find an Amaey sitting up and looking a little like himself. Which was really a treat. I changed him and Apurva went to get some food for him and a coffee and then around 6:15 pm I left the hospital once Amaey seemed stable.

At home Arjun had 99.2 fever but he looked and felt great. We lit the fire in the fireplace and sat and chatted for a while with Aditi's mom Kirtiben, who had come to take care of Arjun.
Later around 10pm we got a call from Aditi... Ashray proposed to her with a ring in the mint box!!! What... you are engaged!! Oh I have to tell Amaey it will brighten his night. And when I called and gave him the news, Apurva said that he was wearing the biggest smile possible.

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