Tuesday, November 24, 2009

High fevers

Apurva called me yesterday and told me that Arjun had fever. So he has taken the day off today. He will come to the hospital later in the afternoon and we will change guards and I will go home and stay with Arjun.

Over here in the hospital Amaey had high fever last night and the fever has continued this morning too. This chemo completely knocked him out last time and we were hoping that it wouldn't be as bad this time but that's not the case.
His hemoglobin is low so they are considering a transfusion tonight. He has a runny nose and has started coughing so now they have put him in isolation. He cannot get out of his room. 

Yesterday the two of us went down to the new atrium by the cafe and played with his new lego racer car. I wheeled him down with his ivy pole. We had such a wonderful time playing for almost an hour. Then he needed to go back to his room because Mrs G was to pay a visit. The two of them worked together for an hour and a half. Amaey was getting really tired by the time Mrs G left. By 7pm he had changed and was fast asleep. 

Today our goal is to keep him entertained and happy. 

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