Saturday, November 28, 2009

Home Free

The doctors just came in and told us that Amaey's counts are a little low and his platelets are borderline so they are worried that if they start him on chemo again his body might not be ready for it.

So... they are letting us go home. They feel that too much time has passed between the two doses so they would rather make this round a wash and then have us come back after Amaey's body has recovered fully and start this round again.
All the tests and cultures they have done over the 6 days came back negative so they think that the fever was due to the chemo however they are still perplexed about the low blood pressure.

So we are waiting for them to do all the paperwork and de-access Amaey. We will pack up and go home- for now. It's good time because just early today Amaey had a melt down. He felt frustrated and wanted out. I guess they heard him loud and clear.

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