Thursday, December 15, 2005


Renata, you had an excellent point.
With Amaey's treatment our life has changed completely and with that has changed our small daily rituals. For one I do not work anymore and am 100% on Amaey's care. Arjun on the other hand has been just amazing. Our wonderful friends have offered to take him for playdates, to the park, for sleepovers, but Arjun just wants to stay home with us.

I think that is his way of controling all the changes. And we are really proud of him for that. For a 6yr old all these changes can be quite frightening. He could have opted to go away out of the house and not participate in the happenings in the house. That can be considered normal because he is just a child. Instead he just wants to stay close.

One of the nights Amaey slept early and we had a movie night. All of us watched The Polar Express. We also had the fireplace on and Arjun and I snuggled up in a blanket near the fireplace and talked and talked for hours. He is a chatterbox I'm sure everyone knows that.He can forget to eat lunch at school because he is busy talking with a friend.

What was best was the next morning when Arjun woke up and came to my room he said, "ma I really enjoyed spending time with you near the fireplace". That sure was very very special for me.

Arjun has been making cards for Amaey. Get well soon cards. Since he had a cold we could not let him sleep in the same room or be near Amaey but he always gives him a kiss on his forhead. I don't think they show their emotions like 2 girls might have shown. But I can see that if Arjun is not in the house Amaey misses him a lot. He waits for him to come back from school to just watch him play. Amaey being a 3yr old grandpa will say things like, Arjun is so silly. Or he will check on Arjun when he is doing is homework and come back to me and tell me, "Arjun is doing a good job on his homework"

As for Arjun, he will always take two things when offered. 1 for him and the other for his brother. When we were in the hospital for 6 days it was a little hard for him to not see Amaey around. Whenever Amaey is sad he will go to Arjun and say, "can you make me happy?" and Arjun will start his silly singing and dancing and acting like a clown. In no time Amaey will be giggling all over.

How wonderful a bond. And here I was debating whether I should have 2 kids.

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