Thursday, December 15, 2005

December 10, 2005

This weekend was wonderful for Amaey. He was the happiest ever. He went for a walk for the first time in 2 weeks and he was all smiles and kisses for everyone. It’s funny how happy the whole house was. We don’t want to be tied with his emotions but I guess one can’t help it.

Amaey did get to go to Pasta Pomodoro. He orderd for all of us. He wanted to eat a little from everyone so he made sure we got different things. And lets not forget that apple juice that comes in his kids meal. He was sooo happy that we could not contain oursleves. We come home after our early lunch and guess what he says... I want it to be saturday tomorrow and I will go to Pasta Pomodoro again and I will eat my penne in creme sauce and apple juice. Oh that boy scares us sometimes. He is so sure of what he wants in life, so focused. It's beautiful to watch him.

We have explained to him that he has a bubu and he needs to take some medicines to get better. Most of the time he does not fight it. He aslo needs to flush his 2 ivy's everyday and if we forget he reminds us. He helps us push the fluids and clean the ivy. Is this really a 3 year old?

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