Friday, June 17, 2011

BMT work-up

The Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) team has started their work-up on Amaey. This means they are starting all the prep. He needs to be evaluated by every department to do a baseline test. They want to mark where Amaey is right now and this will be their reference for after BMT to get him back to his pre-BMT levels.

Here is what is involved-
June 15 Audiology
June 16 Nuclear Med (kidney function)
June 17 Neuro Psych evaluation
June 21 Opthalmology
June 23 EKG/ECG
June 24 Neuro Psych part 2 and PFT(pulmonary function)
June 29 Radiation consult
A dentist will evaluate him too.

Sounds intense and it is but the funny thing is we are happy that we can take him home each day. His hair is starting to fall like crazy. We were teasing him today that he is shedding like a cat and we need to vacuum after him. He really wants to go for a haircut so that he can cur his hair really short. I would like that too because right now he has a full head of hair and I don't like seeing those bald patches on him, I'd rather he have a shaved hair and then if it is all gone then it is not a huge drastic change.

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