Friday, June 10, 2011

No fever

We checked in this morning but Amaey has not had fever which is really good. All the doctors come in and wonder why he is here because he looks really good. We think he spiked a fever from the transfusion but we won't know until his cultures come back on Sunday.

Today was the first time Amaey had a meltdown. He was really upset when we had to leave for the hospital this morning. He had literally just got home after 2 weeks in the hospital, he was so looking forward to spending time with Arjun on the weekend. He just hugged me and cried so much. I told him it was ok to cry, instead it was ok if he wanted to scream. It wasn't fair at all and it really sucked. We just sat in the kitchen and let him cry. Once he was quiet I asked him if he was ready to leave and he was.
He gave the doctors and nurses a real hard time too. He kept asking them why he had to be there when he had just left. Why he had to stay when he did not have a fever anymore. He was upset at Apurva and me for calling the on call oncologist when he spiked a fever. He kept asking the RN when he was going home, she kept avoiding the answer and he kept getting back to the question until she finally said that they needed to watch him for couple of hours but most probably he had to stay for couple days until the culture results were back.

She was a new RN, not used to Amaey's direct assault and questioning tactics. He can advocate for himself and she was quite surprised. Some of the other nurses that know him well were taking their time to explain things in detail to him. It is amazing to watch him take over when he is in the hospital. He knows the place and the people, he knows the ways and what is expected off him. He has spent 5.5 years of his 8.5 years here, I'm glad he is in charge, I'm really glad he can advocate for himself.

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