Sunday, June 12, 2011

Staying here forever...

Yesterday the doctors came in for their rounds and informed us that they would like to have Amaey stay here until he is handed off to the transplant team. You should have seen the disbelief in Amaey and my face. We felt so cheated. Amaey pointed out that he has not had a fever since he came in here, he is feeling great, he has no other symptoms and why would they make him stay here.

They have put us in a Hepa filtered room, this room has a double door and is very secure. They are trying to keep him as safe as possible. However we know that if he is in the hospital the chances of him catching something are much higher. They listened to everything we had to say but seemed pretty set in their plan.

This morning Amaey's cultures came back negative and the doctors said that they will talk with his team and then decide what to do. We have stopped fighting at this point.
In the meantime we are making him very comfortable here. This afternoon, Amaey and I enjoyed our lunch by the fountain. It was nice and sunny. We are back in the room and Amaey is watching food network. I'm sure he will find a recipe that he will make me quickly write down and then call Apurva to cook it for dinner tonight.

Yesterday we were watching diners, drive-ins, and dives and he looked up at me and said, doesn't Rita aunty make really good french toast? He takes my phone and calls her. Rita aunty can you bring me some french toast for breakfast.... and guess what Rita aunty falls for his whims. He gets yummy french toast, strawberries and syrup... he is in food heaven.

For him food is his only connection to the outside world. He has everything else here but the fact that that he can plan his meals and get them delivered fresh makes a world of a difference to him.

Anything to keep him happy...


Renata said...

still there...?

remember to let me know if amaey's favorite cooks go on a summer break and you decide to call in a sub. :)

Purvi Shah said...

Thanks Renata, I will definitely reach out. Right now he is enjoying a juicy nectarine.