Sunday, June 05, 2011

June 4

Either Apurva or I are always with Amaey when he is in the hospital. We have had family and friends stop by and spend time with us but one of us is always there.
Yesterday was a different day, it was Cars 2 premiere and cast and crew screening. Apurva has worked really hard on this movie and I so wanted him to be there, this was his big day. He refused to go if I did not go with him. The screening is usually a thank you for the spouse/partner. He really wanted me to be there.

My sister was supposed to stay with Amaey and Arjun was supposed to be gone for an activity and sleepover.
Pratisha nd Bharvi were supposed to come to the hospital later so that there were enough adults with Amaey.
However, Arjun woke up with a headache and sore throat and here I was already uncomfortable going away in the evening. We decided that Arjun had to stay home and rest and my sister had to stay with him.  At the hospital it was a different story, they had a floater nurse and I was getting very uncomfortable with the fact that Amaey was to get chemo and she did not have all the answers for me.
Long story short, I did manage to take care of everything in the hospital and we did make it to the premiere on time and I'm glad we went because the movie was real fun. I'm really proud of Apurva. We had a lot going on while the movie was in production.  It takes so many years to make these movies and when it is all done the hard work shows. It's a fast paced, action packed, racing movie about cars... now what's not to like about that.

We did not stay for the party, I came back to the hospital and stayed the night after the premiere, it almost felt like I was cinderella, whisked off in a limo in a black gown, with a handsome prince amidst the glitz of the Fox Theater and back in my hospital room before the stroke of 10pm in my flannel jammies.

It felt surreal to be there but we were really glad we were able to celebrate the occasion.

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