Thursday, June 30, 2011

Remission Baby!

Yes we did get an email late last night saying Amaey's MRD showed signs of remission. But we were not ready to accept the news after our consultation meeting in the afternoon. We wanted to make sure we understood what it meant. We met with his team again today and they confirmed that amaey is in remission and this is a window where he should be undergoing his transplant. The only workup left is MRI/CT/Xrays and that will happen tomorrow at 6:30am. Our BMT consult is at 1:15pm and that is when we sign all the paperwork. This will officially put Amaey on their calendar and if all goes as planned he will be admitted to the hospital on July 11 in the stem cell unit.

But life is not that simple is it...

As I had mentioned before his HLA typing is very common but unique as well and yesterday when the St. Jude's doctor looked at it again they want Apurva and me tested in detail because they think that we could be possible donors too. This is very unheard off. This has thrown the entire team in a loop. Their goal and our goal is to do all the research and legwork upfront.

So they are entertaining all these possibilities. We won't know until Tuesday about the final decision. There are lots of factors at play here. If they take us then there is no graft versus host but they do want some graft versus host disease to happen in his body. There are a lot of tests that they will do on our blood work and on Amaey's and then decide if it is better to go with us or an unrelated donor.

Regardless, we are happy that he is in remission. We are hopeful that he will stay healthy and the maintenance chemo they will give him in the interim will hold him up until transplant.


renata said...

i honestly don't understand all the details, but the tone of the message sounds quite positive... right? :)

and does this mean you have a donor? (aside from possibly yourselves?)

wishing you all all the bestest!!

Mona said...

Sis, Lots of hope and good news! Our positive thoughts are with you all. Your birthday is in two days and I am sure you will receive the news you all want to hear.

Be positive and best wishes.