Thursday, June 30, 2011

Madame Atoms

Ms Leslie stopped by today and that made both the boys really happy. Madame Atoms, that is her science club name. Amaey loves science. When he is prepped for his anesthesia he tests everyone on their atoms, planets, and such. Ms Leslie brought with he a wonderful book, a game, and a movie on germs, and the cells and how they interact in the body. I had told her that Amaey and Arjun need to get really serious about germs and hygiene. We know that if Amaey learns about this from a scientific angle he will retain it more then if it is required by mom. Oh that pesky, pushy mom.

On Saturday, Leslie stopped by with a very special guest, Brain Day from NASA. You should have seen the boys and their excitement. He talked about the Moon and Mars and water on moon. He brought a few posters along and alked about ways Amaey can help while he is in the hospital. We were also sad to find out that Brian was recently diagnosed with cancer too. They were bonding on the regimen of radiation that each will have to go through.

They have made many plans to go to Nasa, Foothill college observatory, and few other excursions once they were both done with their treatment. Amaey was like a sponge soaking in everything. He really misses his karate and science club and seeing Leslie and Brian Day must have felt really good.

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