Monday, June 06, 2011

Talking doctor

Amaey had a visit from the talking doctor. As soon as she comes in his room and introduces herself he asks if she was writing a biography on him.... it is so amazing how this boy thinks.

She needed to meet with me first and see if I approved of her and then she was supposed to talk with Amaey. By the time she was ready to talk with him he had received his benadryl and he was loopy. I had left them alone and had gone for a walk around the courtyard. By the time I came back he was fast asleep. Later I teased Amaey that he felt asleep on his date and stood her up. He was laughing his head off. He thought I was too crazy for him.

On Tuesday, Apurva, Arjun, and I went to meet a talking doctor too. Our goal was to have Arjun talk with someone along with us so that we could understand how he felt and he could realize that we felt the same way and that he wasn't alone.

She played a card game with us and made all of us very comfortable. When we got home Amaey asked if he liked his talking doctor and Arjun being Arjun just raised his shoulders and said... I guess.

We know how hard this is for us and cannot imagine what Arjun must be thinking or going through. I'm sure he is not thinking about this all the time but when he hears us talking on the phone, or talking amongst ourselves, or discussing with doctors, I'm sure it worries him because he doesn't understand everything.

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