Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today Apurva and I went for a nice walk before dinner. It is funny that I was feeling happy just for the mere reason that we came back home after the appt. So strange isn't it, life is so tentative for us, when we take him in we really never know if we will be able to bring him back home with us.

This is a fear that has set in for me now. When he goes in for his BMT we really do not know if he will come back. Apurva and I talk about this, sometimes he feels down and other times it is me feeling withdrawn about it. Underlying, we both have faith that he will be fine and this will be a new life for Amaey. It's a second chance.

I'm taking little movies of the boys everyday. Capture each precious moment.

We are staying very positive but sometimes it does get hard. Most of the time we just have to look at him and his amazing spirit and that completely lifts us up and makes us forget everything.

Tomorrow will be a new day. Yesterday will be a past. Today is all we have and we are making the most of it.

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